Problem Solution Essay Topics with Sample Essays

by / Friday, 31 July 2015 / Published in Education

Consistently writing different nature and versions of an essay is the key to having or developing strong and exceptional writing skills in your college or universities. As a student, you must encounter various versions of writing to help yourself to two things. First is to develop good knowledge of the courses and to adapt to different forms of writing, while the second is to make you versatile enough so you are equally good in different kinds of writing.

As the education world has developed, new forms of essay assignments have taken over. Some of the new essays include experiential essay, problem solution essay or story essay. These essays have their own unique propositions and demand their own unique approach. Today’s post will be talking about problem solution essays and what are the important components of such an essay, to help you understand the exact nature of writing and develop a good approach to it.

Problem solution essay

Focus on the problem

Problem solution essays do not allow students to hover around the content a lot. They are extremely focused and require exactly what needs to be mentioned. One step here and there can make your reading boring and irrelevant. One of the important components of such an essay is obviously the problem you are addressing. Your essay should start with something that highlights the reader of how well you understand the problem and will be providing a good solution to it.

Lay out the solution straight to the point

The moment you are done with describing the problem and laying out the platform to lead your readers to the solution, then you have no other choice, but to actually mention the solution straight to the point. Your solution is more than half the key to making your essay credible and good, so mention it straight away and without any distractions.

Be clear in your steps

Solutions based essays require perfect clarity. You cannot go on and confuse your readers by writing the steps of a solution in a way which are difficult to comprehend. The key here is to be extremely simple and write down in a very simple language all the necessary steps in an order, to arrive at a productive conclusion to problem solving.

Be like an instructor

When you are working on solutions based essays, it is important that you put yourself in the shoes of an instructor or a coach and write exactly as to how they would explain the answer to a particular problem.