Read our privacy policy and be sure your private and confidential information is safe with our trusted company: is a trusted online academic writing agency around the world and to uphold our clients trust in us, we have developed a soundprivacy policy that ensures your confidentiality is not violated. Please read the below statement thoroughly if you want to know more about how we handle your information.

What type of information we gather when you browse our website? Learn about it here!

As you browse our website, we collect data about your IP address, data about which browser type/operating system you are using, and the total time you are on our website. We also use cookies to customize the data on our website using this information so that our clients get a better user experience.


You do not know how cookies work? Let us explain it to you in detail! Basically, cookies are small files that we use to determine a computer or server, they do not specifically disclose your identity as they cannot identify the user, neither do we attempt to learn about your identity. We use cookies to monitor traffic to our website and gather data so that when you come back to our website you have a more customized experience. Specifically, we use cookies for the following functions:

  • To remember the user who signed in!
  • To remember the date and time of the user’s activity!
  • To remember a user when he/she places or is in the process of placing an order
  • To improve our services and build a website that is user friendly and easy to navigate!

In order to improve our services, we may use the help of partner services like Google Analytics, Google Plus, Twitter, PayPal, Facebook, etc. However, remain confident that we do not sell or rent any information to third parties in any case, your information is only used to improve our services and personalize the user experience.

If you do not feel comfortable, you can easily disable cookies from your browser settings or you can enable the settings to notify you every time cookies are used. However, if you disable cookies from your browser, you might not be able to avail some of our services or you might not be able to view some content on our website.

What type of information we gather when you use our services? Learn about it here!

We may collect your personal information like:

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Email ID
  • Contact Address (in some cases)

This information is collected when you place your order and fill in our order forms. Please note that this information is used to communicate with you and deliver you your final order or promotional content. If you do not want to receive any marketing content, you may inform us and we will stop it immediately. We never sell or rent your personal information to any third party, under any circumstances. The demographic information we collect is only used for market research or internal organizational purposes.

We also have rigorous security measures in place that protect all your information from being stolen or misused.

If you want to know what personal information we are holding about you, you may contact our customer service department. We shall try our best to assist you as much we can under the Data Protection Act 1998. If you want to change any information, you may contact us for this purpose too. However, for both the reasons, we will want a written copy of the request.

Future changes and developments in our policies:

We are constantly working to improve our services and implementing new and better technology and resources so our privacy policy is also developing and changing. Whenever we make any change, it will be posted duly on our website, so we request that you keep visiting our webpage and keep track of the alterations.


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