Writing a Personal Essay

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Gaining entry to any of the college or university gets much harder when the number of applicants who are applying for it are more and the number of vacant spaces is less. So the question arises that how you can improve your chances of getting admission to the college or university which you like the most.The answer to this question is quite simple – by writing a stellar personal essay which forms to be a mandatory part of your college admission process.

In many personal essay examples, the given word length might be 500 words or it can be something between 100 to 250 words. Whatever the case, the essay portion in a college admission process holds a much greater position because it can lead to straight acceptance or rejection of your application. It is a way by which you ensure the admission committee the ways in which you are special from other applicants. It also gives info upon the extra-curricular pursuits and the scores and grades, which you have achieved in the previous academics.

Personal essay examples

Steps for writing a personal essay

To help you to write something, the three essential steps for writing a personal essay are given below:

Step 1- Get an idea:  You can write about anything you like, but the key is to write effectively. Here are some examples: Think about your major accomplishments and the way they have benefitted you in life later on. You can also write about some of your special skills or you can write about some book or a movie which has influenced your life greatly. Also writing upon the most difficult time of your life is a good example.

Step 2- Topic Selection: When you have gathered a lot of ideas to write upon, then think about the impression which you want to create on the admission officers and select a topic according to it.Your topic must be a reflection of the important characteristics of your own personality and writing them in a coherent manner must be your goal.

Step 3- Writing the essay: Even those boring topics on which no one writes can be made interesting if a fresh approach is used in the writing process. There are two aims which you must consider for writing: you have to make the admission officer admit that you are the right candidate for admission and the second thing is to make the personnel aware that you have a personality, which is something more than just a GPA score.

The essay can be written to describe some of your favorite activities or you can also write a story about yourself or you can even write something you like best in your dog- the actual thing is how you are using the information. It must be in a manner that readers are attracted towards it and describes your thoughts in an exceptional manner.