How to Write a Scholarship Essay

by / Wednesday, 15 July 2015 / Published in Education

Essays are more worthy than GPAs in scholarship applications

Most of the students hate it when they have to write a scholarship essay in order to avail one. Some even consider it the hardest part. The scholarship providers will also never give you free money if you will not put some effort, which is why an essay is required. It is a way by which they can gain insight into your life, but it also aids to pick over the right candidates, particularly when some of them have comparable academic records. Some of the scholarships are not dependent upon GPAs and their only requirement is the essay. To get the reader’s attention towards your work immediately, you just have the starting three to five sentences to astound them. So there is no need to write any sort of pun.

scholarship essay examples

If you want the committee to read the entire essay, then there are three things which you must avoid in the intro paragraph of the essay.

  1. Emitting out the essay rapidly: It becomes much boring when the reader has to go over the same opening sentence again and again. This is the most common mistake found in the scholarship essay examples. In fact, there is no need to do it for any reason. The scholarship providers already know the value of scholarship prompts so there is no requirement of reminding them again and again. Moreover, it is considered as an elementary style of writing and not expected from someone who is heading towards the college.
  2. Utilizing the quotes: Avoid using the quotes in the essays. There are higher chances that the quote which you will use will be written by someone else as well in the essay. This makes your real essay to be thrown into a dustbin. If you wish to use quotes, then make up one of your own and use it. This can work to grab the reader’s attention!
  3. Your own introduction: Unless and otherwise stated, never use your name in the essay as a form of introducing yourself. It seems childish and you can even be disqualified from the process. Most of the committees for scholarship conduct blind readings of the papers and if it is asked to write something about you, then think of some other better way to start the essay. For example, you can write something memorable from your life in one paragraph. It will leave a good impression upon the reader and he will be more impressed.