Grab the Attention Of the Reader With Your Writing

by / Friday, 16 January 2015 / Published in Education

How many times have you picked up a book or a piece of writing, read just a few lines or one or two paragraphs and put the book or the piece of paper down? It has happened to all of us. We start reading something, but after just a few lines we are no longer interested in it and we start looking for something else.

Power of a great introduction

The reason for that is that humans have very short attention spans. That is why they become bored with anything in a matter of moments. If that thing is an essay paper that a student has written and the reader is a teacher, then it is a given that the lack of an interesting introduction will result in a bad grade. How can a teacher maintain interest if something is boring from the start?

That is why teachers always tell the students to start with a strong introductory paragraph if they want to get a good score on their paper.

If you are looking for a way to master the art of writing eye catching introductions for your paper, then you should follow the instructions given below to easily accomplish that:

Telling the topic:

The simplest and most common way to start any paper or essay is by telling the reader the topic of your paper. You can start by showing the readers the bigger picture and then bring them to your specific topic that you will be discussing in your paper.

Describing the different parts of your paper

Another way to write an introduction to a paper is by telling the reader that how the things are discussed in your paper. For example, if you have first discussed the history of a particular thing in the body and then moved on to its comparison with other things, then you should let the reader know. This way the reader will know what to expect from different parts of your paper and if the reader wants to read some particular part then he/she can jump straight to that part.

Making the thesis of your paper prominent

You can also write an introduction that primarily compromises of the thesis of your essay. That way, even if the reader can’t get the full picture from the title of the paper, the thesis statement will make it clear.

Now, that you have learned what methods you can use to write the intro of the paper, the next question on your mind would definitely be how long should an introduction be. The answer to that question is that the length of the introduction doesn’t really matter. As long as it has all the points that you want to be in your introduction, it is good to go. Adding useless sentences to increase the length of the introduction or the paper itself is never a good idea because it may infuriate or bore the teacher if you say the same thing over and over again.

So, now you know how to write a great introduction to any paper.