Community Colleges offer Educational Opportunities to Students

by / Tuesday, 09 June 2015 / Published in Education

Community colleges offer educational opportunities to students at a much reduced fee structure as compared to private universities and colleges. Even though this factor enables them to be quite an easy choice for students but owing to the various obvious problems with community colleges some students shy away from taking the decision of attending one. Let us see what these problems are;

Decreased Graduation Rate community-college-mens-t-shirt-blue-1_1024x1024

The foremost discouraging factor that is evident is the very low graduation rate of any community college. This low rate is due to a number of factors which the planning and strategic departments at these colleges are trying hard to overcome. Although this rate is unlikely to grow drastically over the next few years, however, if ample resources are put in to improve quality, maintain access and provide good education to all, there is a chance that the graduation rate might start increasing at a healthy pace.

Unclear Vision

Another area where these colleges are lacking is their unclear and unfocused vision which leads to ambiguous missions and goals. It is high time these colleges align their mission statement and focus on goals that promote higher education and encourage students to enroll and attend community colleges. It would be a good idea to review the methodologies of good universities and plan their implementation in community colleges in order to bridge the gap that has come between the level and quality of education being provided to students in community colleges and in private colleges. 

Lack of Financial Support

Quality education does not come without a price. In order to have an updated and state of the art infrastructure, ample resources are required, which unfortunately community colleges lack and this is the reason for their current situation. Hence there is a need to attract public and private investments in order to ensure that the best facilities are made available to the students.

Low Quality

The kind of quality these colleges are providing does not meet the standards of any good 21st century university or college. Hence, if community colleges want to serve their purpose and remain effective, it is imperative that they take measures to improve quality of education and facilities that they provide otherwise they will lag far behind in the educational circles and students will continue to move away from them and look for alternate sources of education.