Examples of Truly Exceptional Writing

by / Friday, 31 July 2015 / Published in Education

Writing is one of the prime requirements and a phenomenon that must be mastered in order to be successful. If you do not know how to properly write, then academic growth will not be something that you will be blessed with. Not only properly writing and having a strong command over the English language is important, but also at the same time knowing the principles, researching on the topic and having a good command over your subject is also important.

The best way to understand the writing process and develop a good approach to your writing, is to clearly understand the important components that will comprise of a good writing. This can be done by looking at the examples of great writing, researching over writing samples on the internet and learning the basics of how to solve a particular assignment. Today’s academic blog will be talking about four major components that can put out a five star result in terms of writing. Students should ensure these four components are part of all their writing assignments.

Examples of great writing

Proper structuring of the work

The structure is like the skeleton or a foundation of your writing. If your structure is weak, then your writing will falter on the edge. By structuring, we mean not only the division of sections or paragraphs, but also it is important to have a good use of different areas of the assignment.For example, a well-structured assignment will have a thorough focus on each section as well as focusing on the overall picture of writing.

Proper use of grammar

Grammar is one of the key components of a well written assignment. A good grammar has the ability to put five stars on your average content, but a bad grammar can put your good information and content into jeopardy. So understanding the principles of grammar is extremely important when it comes to writing well in your assignments.


Plagiarism is the number one writing crime. Students should avoid plagiarism at any cost whenever they are working on developing a good assignment. There are ways to avoid plagiarism, which include proper referencing and citations as well as working on the original idea.


Sometimes students, in order to complete their assignments as soon as possible and finish up on the words, often try to mislead their teachers by putting in irrelevant information which has no input on the topic. Relevance is the key to a well written assignment. If you are short on information, which is meaningful to your writing, then spend some more time on research.