Plan Homework That is Designed to Be Fulfilled Properly

by / Tuesday, 09 June 2015 / Published in Education

Designing homework can sometimes be a challenge and teachers may often be faced with quite a lot of stress in order to come up with homework that is not only attempted properly but also submitted on time. Here are a few guidelines to help teachers plan homework effectively.

Design Homework Properlyhomework

The first step to consider while designing a home assignment is that it should aim at increasing the student’s already established understanding about a subject or topic and not be something they have not been introduced yet in class. Homework is not meant to confuse the child, but to enhance understanding and reinforce already learnt material. Hence instructors must ensure before planning their homework, that the requisite knowledge or information has already been imparted in the classroom before its application, elaboration or usage is asked from the students in the form of homework. When assignments are designed properly, this would definitely ensure that students don’t find these tasks tedious and submit them on time also.


Encourage Individual Effort

If a thoughtful process  has gone behind planning the homework, students are likely to relate it to the material they have studied in class and are encouraged to attempt it on their own by taking little or no assistance from anybody else. The aim of homework is to practice the material taught in class or to apply it in a certain manner, etc. hence it is important that the students are familiar with almost all the questions or problems you’ve asked them to solve. It is the responsibility of the teacher to impart the skills before testing them in the work assigned for home. This would ensure least parental participation in the solved work since the students should be well able to handle it on their own.

Offer Clarifications

The purpose of homework is to clarify concepts and not to confuse the students. Hence, whenever home assignments are being handed out, they should be elaborated properly to ensure that students are absolutely clear are able to manage the assignments correctly and submit them on time. Students schedule and assignment criteria must be taken into consideration in order to set manageable deadlines that are realistic and achievable.


When homework is brought back, teachers can randomly check a few parts of the assignment in class and confront the students about discrepancies there and then. Through this way students are given this realization that although the instructor’s part in giving the right skills was done, the student’s part is lacking and hence the teacher deserves an explanation and a better response in the future.