Tips for Writing an Essay in APA Format

by / Wednesday, 12 August 2015 / Published in Education

When it comes to writing principles, students have many different options to choose from. This is if their institution has not given them an order to follow a particular formatting and style. Most institutions globally work on their preferred writing style and format, which is uniform for all courses and degrees.When a student joins that institution as a freshman, he is trained to follow that formatting guidelines in order to ensure their quality of writing does not suffer.

Amongst different formats and guides of writing, the formatting options of the American Psychological Association or the APA are one of the most common and widely used styles.Over a period of time, it has evolved many a time to incorporate the modern changes and remove any flaws in it.When a student sits down to write an essay in the APA formatting style, they should remember the following four things.

APA Format Style

Title Page

A title page in the APA style format is very important, it serves as the purpose of highlighting major credentials of the author who has worked on the research or assignment paper. The title page with APA style formatting will usually have the title of your paper, name of the author, institutional affiliations and author note. In the author note, a brief information on the student’s work and affiliations with the institution will be given.


When it comes to abstract in an APA format essay, it is given when the essay length is more than a few hundred or thousand words. It gives readers an idea of what is being covered in the paper, so they can understand before going into the details. An abstract will usually be a summary of your major areas in the paper and will range between 150-200 words.


One of the core sections of your work is the body. It is usually the page 3 of your APA formatting essay and contains the core or major work. The whole text is typed on the left side, with left alignment with each paragraph’s first line indented between 5 to 7 spaces from the left.

Text citations

Citations are one of the most important and the only way you can be saved from plagiarism in your work. Text citations are provided between the body of your work after you mention a certain point. A citation is usually the name or the last name of the author and the year of publication.