Vital Step of the Pre-writing Process

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Getting the idea is a vital step of the pre-writing process

This forms one of the vital stages in the writing process. Manypeople skip it, but it encompasses all the things which you should do before initiating the rough draft. To limit it, pre-writing means that you have to come up with an idea on what to write. Ideas are scattered all around you, but if you are not able to find one for yourself, then you can use some of the tricks which can aid you a lot to get a real idea for essays.Here is a three step process which can help to map an idea for writing.

The first step: How to get an idea for essay writing?

  • Utilize a writing prompt as an initial writing step
  • Write something related to your childhood or your daily life
  • Keep a handy notebook for ideas so that as soon they arrive in your head throughout the day, you can write them down
  • Think about some lively character and then start writing about it

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 The most vital idea: A writing tip for beginners

The moment you have an idea, you have to write upon it and expand upon the topic. It is not    necessary to jump right away into the writing process because in this manner you will end up with something which is not appropriately structured.

The second step: Building your idea

There are some of the famous strategies which can aid you to add some real flesh to the bones of your naïve idea. These are taken from the original college essay examples. Here are some of them:

  • Writing freely: Open up a new document or take a fresh page, and simply start writing everything which comes into your mind without thinking whether it is right or wrong. Do not think of editing anything at this stage. It doesn’t matter if you are making mistakes right now.
  • Brainstorming: Make a circle in the center of the page and write your idea in it. Jot down everything which is related to it. These can be sub-topics or these can be directions which can help you later on in the essay writing. Once this step is over, then you will be able to gather ample material which will become a part of your first draft later on.

The third step: Planning and structure of the idea

It depends upon the length of your essay which pieces of your idea you will be using in your paper. A longer paper will definitely need more ideas.  You have to decide which ideas are to be used and which are to be kept for any other time. Choose the order of these ideas and make a logical sequence. This will also help you out in the entire writing process!