Free Sample College Admission Essays

by / Tuesday, 14 July 2015 / Published in Education

The college essay forms to be one of the most difficult parts of the application process. To aid you with a good start up, here are some of the hints. These tips are evaluated by various admission officers and they are given after reading the actual material.


  • Consider it as a chance: The essay is one of the things which can give you complete control over the admission process, mainly when you are applying for the senior years. After all the years you have gone through in academics, consider this essay something more than just the filling up of the page. Think of it as a chance to explain to the admission committee about yourself.
  • Make it amusing: If you have a funny nature, then write funny essays; if you have a serious nature then write a serious one. Do not think of writing in a way which goes against your nature.
  • Tell them a little bit different thing: It is obvious that the committee will go over whatever is given in your extra-curricular and transcript. So, when you are given a chance to explain yourself, write something different.
  • Write considerately and true to heart: Do not write anything which the admission committee wants to, in fact, write something which is true to your heart and whatever you believe in saying.
  • To have a thesis in essays is a must: When a thesis is written then the writing will be clear to you as well as to the reader. The thesis is also an indication of where the writing is heading and what you are trying to deliver to the others from the onset.
  • Take some time to write differently from the obvious: Think over what most of the students can write in response to a given question and then think of any other way in which you could write. In this way, your work will be different.
  • Don’t insert too many things in one essay: It is good to focus on a single thing which you think can be the most influential, instead of writing about a number of personalities or various events or different activities. Handling too much information can make your paper too much watered or having disconnected information. This is the most common mistake found in the college admission essaysamples.
  • Ponder over those topics which are the most significant to you: Do not get scared to reveal yourself in the writing. People out there want to know who you are and what you think.