How to Write a Career Essay

by / Friday, 23 January 2015 / Published in Education

The aim of life:

Becoming successful in today’s industrialized world is all what matters really. Throughout our lives, we only dream of becoming financially stable; well at-least most of us do, apart from the entrepreneurial enthusiasts. Setting out your career goals is really important in the world of today. If you don’t know what you are getting your back broken for, then why are you getting it broken? The analogy of a broken back relates to the immense amount of work that the students have to do in order to receive success. So, the point is that if you don’t know what you are studying for, then, well, what’s the point? Why not get a job as a ferry driver and earn a lot of money? That too requires the person to make a decision and to make a choice.

Writing a career essay:

It’s always wise to list down your career goals. Now, a lot of people just loathe writing and to write something that apparently won’t get you anything (not even a better grade) is just futile, really. This is important, though, and you need to be well aware of what you are aiming for from the word go, otherwise there’s nowhere pleasant that you are going to end up. You are not going to be the man that you were five years ago and maybe you wouldn’t want to become the man five years from today that you wanted to become five years back. So, it’s good and very convenient for a person to be totally clear with their ambitions because if that’s not the case then things can get a lot tougher in the future.

Career goals:

What are career goals then? How does a person know what to choose for their future? There’s not a good answer available really. A lot of famous and successful people just found out the talent by mistake or because their other profession didn’t get them the standard of life that they needed.  A person, though, can ask themselves the question, “What am I good at? What can I do in a better way than the most of the people? What should I study and how to become perfect in order to earn a lot of money? What is the love of my life and what can make me fall in love with it?” and they will be good to go. Setting life goals is thus not a real mountain to climb. You just need a clear head and a few hours to meditate and contemplate.

How to write:

To start, you can make an outline of whatever you think should be in the essay. Search for career essay examples online and just get started with it. A career essay is also often required at universities and grad schools for admission purposes and it’s good for a person to have it prepared beforehand. Divide the whole thing into lots of paragraphs as it becomes a lot better to read the thing if it’s formatted properly.