Students who have enrolled themselves in the arts program at any college or university level know how difficult it is to sustain the pressure throughout the year of constantly piling on assignments and thinking creatively, when you are working through a program, which requires constant creative thinking, effort to finish and brainstorming sessions that can

How to Write a Career Essay

Friday, 23 January 2015 by

The aim of life: Becoming successful in today’s industrialized world is all what matters really. Throughout our lives, we only dream of becoming financially stable; well at-least most of us do, apart from the entrepreneurial enthusiasts. Setting out your career goals is really important in the world of today. If you don’t know what you

Till our lives as students come to an end, we are lied to every year. When we are at school, we are told wrongly that it’s just the school that would suck out the juice from out of our marrow and once we get out we are going to get a jolly free ride into

How many times have you picked up a book or a piece of writing, read just a few lines or one or two paragraphs and put the book or the piece of paper down? It has happened to all of us. We start reading something, but after just a few lines we are no longer

If you take away the homework and all the assignments, then it can be said with great certainty that the lives of the students all around the world would be much easier. Not only that, students would also become better learners because they would have time to actually learn new and interesting things instead of