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If you are a student, then writing essays will be your routine, it doesn’t matter what academic level you belong to. Essays are an integral part of academic structure and course framework which provides an amazing way of evaluating students on different levels. From gauging their writing abilities, to their understanding of the topic and research, a teacher can predict lots of things about students through their essay writing assignments.

The essay itself is a very broad and generic term, in the modern academic age, there are numerous different essays and topics to explore. Academic teachers rely heavily on providing students a diverse range of essays to work on, so they can learn different kinds of writing. One of the most widely used essays in academia is argumentative essays. Argumentative essay requires students to use a very convincing tone and rely heavily on creating strong arguments related to the topic. Argumentative essay examples include topics like “Is environmental destruction really because of humans?” Or “Why is religion so easily tagged with fundamentalism and terrorism?” Not only these topics are serious and require strong rationale, but also need good points to convince the readers of the answers. Today’s blog will talk about four tips to writing great argumentative essays in a very simple manner.

Argumentative Essay examples

Focus on the topic

Argumentative essays are really straight to the point, they do not hover around irrelevant details and the more they are, the better. When working on argumentative essays, it is important to completely stick to the topic rather than also trying to accommodate other perspectives or details. The idea should be to completely engross the readers into rationalized points.

 List all argumentative topics

When you plan to work on an argumentative essay, always first list down the type and kind of arguments you will be mentioning in the essay, this helps you keep focused on your writing and also using relevant points.


To find answers and good argumentative points, research is very important. Focus on reading the material related to the topic from different perspectives and angles, so you know all kinds of different arguments that can provide a strong rationale to the approach you have with the topic.

Do not generalize

The key to a good argumentative essay is strong arguments with perfect rationalization. So do not rely on generalized sentences or points as they can very easily have an impact on the credibility of your essay.