5 Paragraph Essay Outline Template

by / Wednesday, 12 August 2015 / Published in Education

When you are working on writing an essay, especially a lengthy one, then there some key things that you must do to ensure you write well. This is basically your pre-essay preparations to help you not only save time in writing, but actually make sure each and every word you write in your essay is meaningful and makes complete sense. Some students do not work on these preparatory things and then sometimes mess up their writing by working on irrelevant content.

One of the important things in pre-essay preparations is the essay outline, it is more important when you are working on a lengthy 5 paragraph essay. Outlining an essay allows you to have a clear sight of what you will be mentioning in the essay and also the important points that will comprise your overall essay, especially the main section of the body. Today’s academic blog will focus on how to make an outline for your essay in four simple steps.

5-Paragraph Essay Outline

Reading the assignment guidelines carefully

Whenever you sit down to make an outline for your 5 paragraph essay writing, the important thing is to have the idea and essence of the assignment. Understanding clearly all the guidelines and the requirements of the essay is very important, if you are to provide a perfect outline that can result in a great quality essay writing.

Develop your sections

Although a 5 paragraph essay will have the generic distribution, including introduction, body, conclusion, still you will have to determine the major sections that will form these distributions within the essay. Your essay outline should include the major headings and ideas that will form the 5 paragraphs within the essay clearly laid out, so you do not have to think about them and invest your time while working on the essay.


When you are working on the outline, brainstorming helps you identify some important and crucial pointers to write in the outline. Brainstorming will provide you with different perspectives that you can mention in the essay writing.

Structure your outline just like you would structure your essay

When you work on your outline, it is important that you structure it in such a way that it reflects the ideas in your essay and its structure. Your outline is like a sketch or the skeleton of your work and if it does not exactly represent what your essay will reflect, then there is no point of your outline.