10 Tips for Writing the College Application Essay

by / Saturday, 03 October 2015 / Published in Education

The college entrance essay provides students a vast space to get them identified and highlighted from the hefty bulk of applicants, but writing the college application essay is usually a frightening and strenuous task for high school students. Even the very thought of writing the essay makes them anxious as they know they are going to be judged on its basis.Whether it’sabout day to day, ordinary topics or some dubious issues related to politics or society, it usually makes them sweat.


Here we are offering ten effective and helpful tips to ease the agony of students when writing the Essay.

  1. Write to the point. The admission officers have a big heap of essays to correct so they expect to spend just a few minutes on each essay. If you write unnecessarily long, they definitely would not entertain the length.
  1. Recognize your individuality.Try to distinguish yourself from the thousands of otherapplicants to ensure that the admission board pays attention to you. Think and figure out how your mind works different from that of the thousands of other candidates.
  2. Be genuine.Provide authentic information. Do not try to inflate yourself by faking out your achievements, accomplishments and titles. Trust us, being honest would make you feel more superior.
  1. Take care of the coherence.Write about just one subject at a time. If you try to include everything in an essay, it will make you sound occupied, but at the same time disorganized and superficial.
  2. Be careful about the accuracy. Be cautious about spellings and the nuts and bolts of good writing skills, including diction, grammar and especially punctuation.
  3. Be a little more expressive. It is better to write the essay in story format. You might use names of your family members, teachers, and coaches to make it sound more realistic.
  4. Use humor very carefully.Try to avoid being funny unnecessarily while writing the essay as you do not know the mind state of the reader. Be very cautious when stating something that’s humorous.
  5. Meet the deadlines. Don’t forget the deadlines while attempting to write and rewrite the essays. Pay attention to the admission deadlines and requirements.
  6. Show what you are smart at.Try to show your intelligence and your mental strengths during your writing like what you are smart at. Reference your strengths in just a few short sentences.
  7. Make sure someone proofreads your essay. You should ask a friend, a teacher or someone with good English Language skills to proofread your essay before filing it.